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        mainly the production of ball lock knob lock, three rod lock, lock body and other hardware products

        About us

        Always put customers first, pay attention to customers' needs, and pay attention to the needs of "customers" so as to truly understand customers' business and help customers obtain credit.


        About Us

        Wenzhou boluosi hardware Co., Ltd. is a set research and deveopment, production, sales, service in one of the high profile...

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        Data download

        All kinds of professional technical materials are available for free download, so that you can better use the escort...

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        Online Message

        Design and produce the designated products according to the requirements of customers, and the satisfaction of customers...

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        Company silhouette

        The company has strong technical force of lock making and advanced production line, in line with the concept of "honest and trustworthy, quality first, service first, continuous innovation, strict management"

        Boluosi hardware exhibition hall
        Boluosi hardware production equipment
        Boluosi hardware production worker


        Learn the latest news and industry information of boluosi in real time

        Based on the tenet of "dressing up the world and living a bright life", the company sells well in major cities of China, EU, the Middle East, Japan and the United States with its high quality products, novel modeling and good after-sales service, and enjoys a high position among consumers.

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